Analysis of the migration of highly qualified personnel and Migration Policy of Ukraine

Full text available in Ukrainian language.

The emigration trends of highly skilled workers and young scientists are analyzed. The problem of developing a coherent and purposeful activity of state authorities connected with the adoption of responsible programs and decisions in the field of migration policy in order to stimulate the inflow of Ukrainian highly skilled migrants and young scientists and minimize their emigration is researched. The prospects of the migration policy of Ukraine are considered and recommendations for its elaboration are given.


Dr. Khrystyna Fogel, member and researcher of NGO AEI. Khrystyna has been granted an ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 scholarship through the BACKIS project financed by the European Commission. She has been working at University of Antwerp (Belgium) as a volunteer PhD student. Currently, her main research topic is problems of migration. Expert of Civic Synergy project.

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