Agency of European Innovations (AEI) aimed at the development of ICT, Creative Industry, Education, Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Food, Health, R&D areas in Ukraine, in particular within HORIZON2020, ENI and other programmes.

The Agency supports Universities, R&D Institutions, SMEs, NGOs governmental and local authorities in preparation and implementation of common international projects for the above-mentioned cooperation programmes.

Main capacity & expertise:

  • Experienced partner with smart and efficient management;
  • AEI acts as innovation bridge between science, business, authorities and other stakeholders;
  • Network of contacts with innovative SMEs and leading R&D&I organizations in Ukraine and Europe;
  • Experience in organising cooperation building (networking, twinning events and meetings) as well as awareness raising events (info-days, dissemination conferences);
  • Network of leading experts from Ukraine, experienced in 6FP, 7FP and H2020 projects and we can form a multidisciplinary team for the implementation of a particular project;

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