Topics of interest

The following is the list of topics in which we are the most interested in and where involvement of Ukraine has the highest meaning.

Ukraine is an associated country in Horizon2020 and it is a good place for implementation of best EU practices.

SC1-PM-10–2017: Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in the adult populationHealth2016/10/04
SC1-PM-07–2017: Promoting mental health and well-being in the youngHealth2016/10/04
LCE-06-2017, New knowledge and technologiesEnergy2017/01/05
EE-12-2017: Integration of Demand Response in Energy Management Systems while ensuring interoperability through Public Private Partnership (EeB PPP)Energy2017/01/19
SC1-PM-15-2017: Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they ageHealth2017/01/31
CULT-COOP-03-2017: Cultural literacy of young generations in EuropeSocieties2017/02/02
CO-CREATION-07-2017: Towards a new growth strategy in Europe - Improved economic and social measurement, data and official statisticsSocieties2017/02/02
CO-CREATION-06-2017: Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policy-making, policy-modelling and policy-implementationSocieties2017/02/02
CO-CREATION-04-2017: Applied co-creation to deliver public servicesSocieties2017/02/02
CULT-COOP-06-2017: Participatory approaches and social innovation in cultureSocieties2017/02/02
CULT-COOP-04-2017: Contemporary histories of Europe in artistic and creative practicesSocieties2017/02/02
CO-CREATION-01-2017: Education and skills: empowering Europe’s young innovatorsSocieties2017/02/02
CULT-COOP-09-2017: European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past. Societies2017/02/02
ENG-GLOBALLY-04-2017 Science diplomacy for EU neighbourhood policiesSocieties2017/02/02
ENG-GLOBALLY-04-2017: Science diplomacy for EU neighbourhood policiesSocieties2017/02/02
REV-INEQUAL-09-2017: Boosting inclusiveness of ICT-enabled research and innovationSocieties2017/02/02
ENG-GLOBALLY-03-2017: The European Union and the global challenge of migrationSocieties2017/02/02
SC5-22-2017: Innovative financing, business and governance models for adaptive re-use of cultural heritageEnvironment2017/03/07
SC5-02-2017: Integrated European regional modelling and climate prediction system Environment2017/03/07
SC5-08-2017: Large-scale demonstrators on nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological risk reductionEnvironment2017/03/07
SC1-PM-17–2017: Personalised computer models and in-silico systems for well-beingHealth2017/03/14
SC1-PM-20-2017: Development of new methods and measures for improved economic evaluation and efficiency measures in the health sectorHealth2017/04/11
SC1-HCO-08–2017: Actions to bridge the divide in European health research and innovation Health2017/04/11
EE-23-2017 Innovative financing schemesEnergy2017/06/07
SwafS-22-2017: The ethical dimensions of IT technologies: a European perspective focusing on security and human rights aspectsSwafS2017/08/30
SwafS-21-2017: Promoting integrity in the use of research results in evidence based policy: a focus on non-medical researchSwafS2017/08/30
SwafS-13-2017: Integrating Society in Science and Innovation – An approach to co- creationSwafS2017/08/30
SwafS-11-2017: Science education outside the classroomSwafS2017/08/30
SwafS-23-2017: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in support of sustainability and governance, taking account of the international contextSwafS2017/08/30
ICT-19-2017: Media and content convergenceICT2016/11/08
ICT-20-2017: Tools for smart digital content in the creative industriesICT2017/04/25
ICT-23-2017: Interfaces for accessibilityICT2017/04/25
ICT-11-2017: Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social InnovationICT2017/04/25
FOF-12-2017: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS)Industrial Leadership2017/01/19
EE-07-2016-2017: Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICTSocietal Challenges2016/01/21
CO-CREATION-03-2016: Piloting demand-driven collaborative innovation models in EuropeSocietal Challenges2016/11/15
CO-CREATION-02-2016: User-driven innovation: value creation through design-enabled innovationSocietal Challenges2016/11/15
REV-INEQUAL-09-2017: Boosting inclusiveness of ICT-enabled research and innovationSocietal Challenges2017/02/02