The main aim of NGO Agency of European Innovations (AEI) is increasing cooperation between Ukraine and EU in ICT, Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Food, Health, R&D areas within HORIZON2020, ENI and others EU-programmes.

The Agency supports Universities, R&D Institutions, SMEs, NGOs governmental and local authorities in preparation and implementation of common international projects for the above mentioned cooperation programmes within the activity as a Western Regional Contact Point of Scientific-Technical Cooperation with EU and NCP ICT&SME of Ukraine. AEI has a status of research organization.


  • Searching for the new ways of Ukraine development using the best national, world and European acquisitions;
  • Maintenance and development of positive home acquisitions taking into account European and world standards;
  • Scientific-methodological, consultative support for bodies of state administration, local self-government, state and non-state institutions and NGOs in order to optimize their work;
  • Participation in creation of information data bases of scientific, cultural, education, tourist, social, sport areas in order to exchange the information and joint programmes/projects development;
  • Promotion of cooperation and knowledge transfer between authorities, scientific research institutes, research organizations, business community and industry for an effective market uptake of research results through innovative products and services.



  • Western Regional Contact Point of Scientific-Technical Cooperation with EU;
  • National Contact Point of ICT&SME of Ukraine;
  • Experience in projects under the FP6 and FP7; the program «Polish Aid» Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland; Science and Technology Days of Poland-East; International Forum for Innovative Technology for Medicine IT MED; CBC programme «Poland-Belarus-Ukraine»;
  • Experience in organising cooperation building (networking, twinning events and meetings) as well as awareness raising events (info-days, dissemination conferences);
  • Developed network of contacts with innovative SMEs;
  • Direct contacts with leading R&D&I organizations in Ukraine and Europe;
  • AEI cooperate with the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business school Lviv Institute of Management, Department of Economic Development, Trade and Industry Lviv Regional State Administration and others to implement initiatives to support entrepreneurship;
  • AEI initiated the creation and chairs the Cluster of energy efficiency and renewable energy of Lviv region.
  • AEI owns web-portal «Innovative portal» with more than 7000 subscribers;
  • AEI administers LinkedIn group «Ukraine in the Horizon2020 and other EU-programs» with more than 550 members and is actively used for the development of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in the field of R&D&I;
  • AEI has a status of research organization.



The NGO status allows to unit efforts of key organizations and experts for conducting of an effective dialog on implementation of European activity standards in Ukraine within different areas of society life.