Scope & results

Organization of a trip of Ukrainian schoolchildren and students of the Small Academy of Sciences to participate in the Małopolska Nights of Scientists, which are held every year on the last Friday of September.

This event is part of the European Night of Scientists, which takes place virtually throughout the EU and is funded by the European Commission, as well as partly by local organizers. Scientists invite young people and show various experiments, explain various physical phenomena in an interesting way. The purpose of this event is to promote science and encourage the younger generation to learn, learn about the world and discover something new.

With the support of the Government of the Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodeship, we have been organizing visits of a group of 50 children and adults since September 2015.

Project information

Type of Action: CSA – Coordination and support action

Financed by: Malopolska Region of Poland

Duration: 2015 – Ongoing (yearly on September)