Scope & results

The system of electronic processing of local councils is an integrated system of information processing of village, settlement and city (local) councils, which includes accounting:

  • households operating in the local council
  • households – farms of residence of the owner (owners) of which are registered outside the local council
  • land holdings, the place of residence of the owner (owners) of which is registered outside the local council
  • abandoned objects – home ownership or land ownership, which no one uses for a long time, and the successors have not yet been identified
  • accounting of housing facilities on the territory of the council
  • registration of livestock and poultry owned by households
  • accounting of agricultural machinery owned by household members
  • accounting of land plots owned or owned by citizens in terms of categories of purpose of plots, owners and users (tenants) of land plots.

The use of electronic processing system of local councils makes it possible to:

  • simplify and significantly speed up the provision of administrative services to residents of the local council (formation and issuance of various certificates and other documents)
  • to receive objective data on the level of socio-economic development of the local council by the governing bodies of the local council
  • receive reliable information about the population of the local council, its gender and age structure, employment and more.
  • receive analytical information on the use of land resources of the council
  • to form information arrays for the calculation of land and real estate tax
  • automate the generation of statistical reports based on primary information available in the SEOI database

A customized cloud solution is available from any computer with several users working simultaneously.

Project information

Type of action: Software

State of development: Production

Number of customers: 800 cities

Geography: Ukraine (Lviv and Vinnytsa regions)

Website (UA)