Scope & results

The harmonisation of digital markets is one of the EU’s key policy deliverables for providing tangible results to citizens in the Eastern Partnership. EU support in this area is channelled through the EU4Digital initiative, which brings together priority actions and programmes in the field.

EU4Digital aims to extend the European Union’s Digital Single Market to the Eastern Partner states, developing the potential of the digital economy and society, in order to bring economic growth, generate more jobs, improve people’s lives and help businesses. Through the initiative, the EU supports the reduction of roaming tariffs, the development of high-speed broadband to boost economies and expand e-services, coordinated cyber security and the harmonisation of digital frameworks across society, in areas ranging from logistics to health, enhanced skills and the creation of jobs in the digital industry.

The initiative provides support in six key policy areas: telecommunications, trust and security, e-commerce, ICT innovation, e-health and e-skills. These areas of support reflect the six EU4Digital networks set up in 2016, which include representatives of the EU’s eastern neighbours and EU Member States.

A representative of the AEI is a member of the contact network from Ukraine in the field of “Innovation in the field of ICT”, and also involved as an expert from the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in the areas of “Trust and Security” and “eHealth”

Project information

Type of Action: AEI expert involvement

Topics: Telecom rules, eSkills, ICT Innovation, Trust & Security, eTrade, eHealth

Duration: 2019 – 2022