First comprehensive, international COMPACT symposium on 5G

We would like to invite everybody to join the first comprehensive, international COMPACT symposium on 5G that will take place on the 14th of May 2020. The registration for this important event is free of charge and enables you to directly interact with the panelists and speakers. Your questions and comments will be addressed by the speakers in real-time. Your feedback is of great value to us and any comments and inputs will be considered as an important asset from the symposium.

The fast-paced technology evolution pushed humankind out of its comfort zone. Insecurity and anxiety caused by the unknown had affected all of us, including researchers, academics, policy makers, industry and many individuals that are still coping with embracing existing gadgets in day to day life. Reaching 5G milestone added a new set of challenges, questions and thirst for information that is missing. As a research project with focus on effects of media convergence on social, political and economic life, the COMPACT team felt obliged to address some of the controversial issues related to 5G in a manner not often seen in the academic community.

The “5W on 5G” symposium we will answer the 5W Questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? about 5G- 5th generation wireless technologies. In the symposium we will introduce a broad audience to basic concepts from the radio-communication domain; we will describe the technological progress in the last decade and discuss the opportunities and challenges that accompany the full 5G implementation, and finally, respond to the question whether and why we need 5G at all! Our comprehensive elaboration will be followed by a discussion over “the clash of the titans” in industry standardization processes and health & safety regulations with emphasis on the specific unique properties of the emerging 5G networks. Finally, “5W on 5G” will directly confront speakers with some of the most controversial questions in the light of the recent accusations, and disinformation online that led to many cases of public scrutiny of 5G network expansion. Respective participants will also look “beyond the curtain” and try to imagine the 5G and the world of the future powering it and elaborate upon both utopian and dystopian scenarios. Our goal is that no position or idea, even the most unexpected and revolutionary, shall be missed in the experts’ debate.

The symposium will be hosted on the 14th of May from 12:30PM GMT – 16:00PM GMT and it will be realized as an online webinar and delivered via the popular ZOOM platform with about 15 presenters and up to 270 registered participants. The working language of the webinar is English, and translation will not be provided at this stage. The symposium will also be live streamed via Facebook for broader audience and additional feedback. Moreover, a dedicated Virtual Reality space has been created using free, Open Source, Mozilla Hubs solution – you can join directly via browser on your PC, Mac or mobile as well as with popular VR headsets. That space will host an optional COMPACT reception event after the symposium is concluded so that the discussions can continue. We will also connect ZOOM platform to the VR space during the event so that VR participants can also engage with the speakers.

If you would like to speak at our symposium or should you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact our staff Oles Kulchytsky (

Otherwise, if you wish to join as a “5W on 5G” participant please register as soon as possible – the number of tickets is limited.


The information is prepared by the team of the COMPACT project.

COMPACT is a Coordination and Support Action funded European Commission under framework Horizon 2020.

The objective of the COMPACT project is to increase awareness (including scientific, political, cultural, legal, economic and technical areas) of the latest technological discoveries among key stakeholders in the context of social media and convergence. The project will offer analyses and road maps of related initiatives. In addition, extensive research on policies and regulatory frameworks in media and content will be developed.

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