Online event: The Broken Internet Symposium, 21 December 2020

As the outer space bodies of Jupiter and Saturn align on the 21st of December 2020 we invite all of you to join our grand aligning of cyberspace during The Broken Internet Symposium. The event will start at 4PM CET and conclude at 6:30 PM.

We will focus on key elements of digital information sharing deviation:

  • Digital infrastructure and distorted reality – Within this session we provide our findings over several intriguing questions: Is internet indeed free as we assume? Who owns specific elements of internet? What is interrelation between ownership of information superhighways, advertising algorithms and delusions created by information bubbles?
  • Media convergence impact – Within this session we address problems of extreme preferring audiences and impact of this dominant culture on role of media in digital world. We respond to questions why this anomaly, combined with the problems of distorted reality is to kill journalism and media industry as we know it? Why is media dying or why there is no sustainable economic model for balanced news and how it affects individual and social eco-system? What is the meaning and impact of irrational collective decisions?
  • Policy Catch 22 and Social, Economic and Democracy turmoil – Whitin this session we explain what are causality links between the information technology warfare and modern global power dominance. We respond to questions how anomalies observed in digital infrastructure and media convergence lead to deviant in fact authoritarian democracies? How emerged digital economy protectionism is affecting your job, salary and plans for tomorrow? And why these anomalies have inevitable result in recession, destabilization and uncertain future?
  • Solution – In this section, we present our approach on new comprehensive solution that shall disrupt existing equilibriums, and bring media and journalist back to their essential role – guarding moral, ethical, democratic and solidarity principles of human being.



Date, time and place: December 21, 2020 from 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM Central European Time. The online symposium will be hosted on the Zoom platform.

Working language: English (Translation is not provided during discussions. Materials will be translated after the symposium to several EU languages).

Registration: Participation is completely free of charge. Registration is necessary. You can register with few very simple steps at any time prior to event by following the link available at Simply press register as participant and fill in the required information.

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