Scope of the initiative

The initiative envisages an integrated approach, which on the one hand allows identifying existing programs and tools to support innovation throughout the innovation chain from idea to market, and on the other hand, to find synergies between tools and resources provided by different government agencies and donors and which, unfortunately, very often act in isolation and end up having less of an impact than expected.

The initiative will be implemented in cooperation with AEI partner organizations using the results of AEI previous projects (“Advocacy of pro-European changes in the national innovation policy” and “Strengthening the public influence on European integration processes in the field of scientific, technical and innovative development of Ukraine“).

First of all, members of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership and the Ukrainian Party of the Ukraine-EU Civil Society Platform will be involved. Among the partners are also representatives of universities, research institutes and the Industry 4.0 movement.

The Agency counts on the cooperation and organizational support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which in cooperation with experts has prepared a Strategy for the Development of Innovative Ukraine until 2030, and now the Plan for the implementation of this strategy is being agreed.

The implementation of this initiative will also take into account the action plans of other central authorities of Ukraine and the activities of key innovation structures and funds.

As a result of this initiative it is expected to receive:

  • Analytical document – a comparative overview of existing and expected programs and tools to support the development of innovation in Ukraine.
  • Materials of two events to discuss project materials.
  • The results of a survey of key organizations on the features of national programs and tools to support innovation.
  • Recommendations for public authorities and local governments, as well as donors to support innovation.
  • An information guide for people who want to innovate about access to innovation support tools in Ukraine.
  • Expanding the range of organizations interested in the development of innovations in Ukraine.
  • Improving government programs and proposals aimed at supporting innovation
Information about the initiative

The initiative “Programs and tools to support the development of innovation in Ukraine” is implemented within the project “Support to the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum”, administered by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, funded by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and European Commission.

Duration: 1 August 2020 – 30 November 2020

Contact person: Ivan Kulchytsky (

Information on the progress of the initiative will be published on:

AEI website

AEI Facebook

Group “Grants and investments for the development of Ukraine”


Analytical report: Programs and tools to support innovations development in Ukraine