Scope & results

For developed democracies, innovation policy is a tool for the efficient and productive use of intellectual and technical capabilities. At present, the Ukrainian national innovation policy is formed in fragments, which results in a partial use of the opportunities of the Association Agreement and only a partial approximation to the level of use of innovations according to EU standards.

That is why the main goal of the project “Advocacy for pro-European changes in national innovation policy” is to form sustainable mechanisms of cooperation between the public, pro-European experts, representatives of government agencies. This will contribute to the development of effective tools for the development of national innovation policy, taking into account the possibilities of association with Horizon 2020 and the assessment of challenges for participation in the next HORIZON EUROPE Framework Program.

The project has the potential to significantly expand public understanding of the opportunities for innovation support provided by the Eastern Partnership instruments. Public attention to these issues will increase the potential of advocacy campaigns in the national innovation policy and accelerate the implementation of European integration changes in this area.

Project information

Type of Action: CSA – Coordination and support action

Programme: Civic Synergy Project

Topic: Innovation Policy

Financed by: European Union, International Renaissance Foundation, Civic Synergy Project

Duration: 1 November 2018 – 30 June 2019


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