Scope & results

The issue of digital transformation has become one of the highest priorities in Ukraine-EU relations. Ukraine needs to make effective use of existing opportunities to participate in available EU programs to support digital innovation.

In the project we aim to raise awareness of Ukrainian organizations about opportunities to participate in European programs to support digital innovation by creating an information and consulting environment based on examples of successful participation in relevant competitions and supported by a network of experts and organizations with experience in such programs. This environment will be used during targeted activities and a broad informational online campaign.

The project will show the components of success stories of Ukrainian organizations in such programs as Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, COST, Creative Europe, EU4Busines, EU4Digital, EU4DigitalUA and in programs supported by EU governments.

The project provides for the following activities:

  • monitoring and systematization of information on existing EU programs to support digital innovation and on projects of Ukrainian organizations supported by these programs;
  • development of communications with project executors to involve them in our events and prepare success stories;
  • development and continuous improvement of methods for describing success stories using various visualization tools and presentation of the main components of success to achieve a harmonious combination of content and form;
  • conducting information campaigns in the most important areas of digital innovation to advocate for greater use of available opportunities;
  • establishment and development of cooperation with active structures and key organizations in the field of digital innovations of Ukraine and the EU, involvement of EU representatives in project activities;
  • conducting offline events in different regions of Ukraine with the participation of key organizations in the field of digitization;
  • development of a wide range of online materials and conducting online webinars, discussions, consultations.

The thematic focus of the project is digital innovations in high-tech areas of IT and key areas of IT use, as well as successful Ukrainian digital startups.

We plan to look at success stories in areas such as electronic research infrastructures, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, high-performance computing and networks, cybersecurity, smart cities, Industry 4.0, digital innovation hubs, IT in Energy, IT in Health, E-democracy and E-government, new digital media and other relevant areas of creation and use of digital innovations.

The contact person in the project is Ivan Kulchytskyi, President of the NGO AEI, email:

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The International Renaissance Foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Ukraine. Since 1990 we have been helping to develop an open society based on democratic values in Ukraine. During its activity, the Foundation has supported about 20 thousand projects, to which more than 60 thousand activists and organizations of Ukraine have joined. The funding amounted to over $ 200 million.



Project information

Type of Action: CSA – Coordination and support action

Programme: grant component of the project EU4USociety

Topic: Innovation policy in the field of digital technologies

Financed by: European Union, International Renaissance Foundation, EU4USociety Project

Duration: 1 December 2020 – 28 February 2022