A practical guide to RES development with examples of good practices

The guide was prepared within the project FARADAY “Building of permanent mechanisms for cross-border cooperation in the field of RES”, which was supported by the CBC Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013.
The aim of the project was improving the conditions for the development and use of renewable energy sources in the two regions covered by the project contributing to the socio-economic development of “Krośnieńsko-przemyski” Subregion in Poland and Lviv District in Ukraine through the implementation of a joint initiative of institutions supporting the development of RES.

Table of contents 

Chapter I Analysis of the potential of renewable energy sources in the PL-UA cross-border region

Chapter II Examples of good practices

2.1. Solina Hydroelectric Power Plant

2.2. Installation of heat pumps in a private house of 160m2

2.3. Ground- and roof-based photovoltaic system

2.4. Installation of heat pumps under the programme: „Protection of ambient air by using renewable energy in heating systems of public utility buildings”

2.5. Modernisation of pool water heating system and production system of domestic hot water based on the solar system

2.6. Modernisation of pool water heating system and production system of domestic hot water based on the solar system

2.7. Improvement of thermal efficiency and replacement of district heating system

2.8. Wind farms with a total capacity of 54 MW located in Podkarpacie

2.9. Ground-based photovoltaic solar farm

2.10. Photovoltaic system

2.11. High-efficiency Combined Heat and Power Plant

2.12. Photovoltaic micro-installation with the energy management system

2.13. Redevelopment of gas boiler rooms in public utility facilities in Cieszanów Town and Municipality

2.14. Modernisation of a boiler house at a housing estate

2.15. Development of system detection in Gliwice and modernisation of selected traffic lights

2.16. Improving the thermal efficiency of the building and increasing the efficiency of heat production and transmission

2.17. Installing the photovoltaic system for lighting and supplying the airconditioning system in the building

2.18. An integrated system of energy generation and management

2.19. Using biogas at a wastewater treatment plant

2.20. Biomass boiler plant with solar panels

2.21. Modernisation of street lighting in Jarosław Municipality

2.22. Redevelopment of a regular marketplace

2.23. A small wind farm realized as a part of the project “Improving thermal efficiency by improving thermal insulation of educational facilities in Jasło Town by means of renewable energy sources”

2.24. Modernisation of a heating system in buildings of the Technical Vocational Complex by means of heat pumps, solar collectors and combined heat and power system

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