Storytelling for Virtual Production: From Script to Headset Format

Panel Discussion – Storyboarding and Previz, Escape Studio

October 21, 18:30-20:00 GMT


Directing the screen for virtual production brings many challenges, one of them is what stories can you tell through VR that you could not with any other type of media. Art director Iliana Franklin will discuss with Escape Studios MA graduates in storyboarding and previz the story development process for VR production. The panel will provide an opportunity for a discussion with audience.

Moderator: Iliana Franklin, Mediaframe

Lead Tutor MA Storyboarding and Previz at Escape Studios, London



Austin Hill: VR as a storytelling medium and the challenges and opportunities it provides for both the creators and the audience

 Anastasia Gurova: The importance of storytelling as a form of influence in the life of people

 Stevie Stedman: Writing a script for real-time immersive format

 Leroy T.P. Dias: Storyboarding for VR production

 Molly Babington: How important is the fidelity for creating immersive experiences?


Iliana Franklin

Iliana Franklin is lead tutor in Storyboarding and Previz at Escape Studios, Pearson College London and has worked in the animation industry for over 30 years, since 1987. She is also the Art Director at Mediaframe Ltd.

Anastasia Gurova

Anastasia Gurova is a young author and director known for her short films “Animal Lover”, “Gordino” and “Brodjaga”. Her background is in fine art and animation and she now specialises in story direction and previsualisation.

Austin Hill

Having a background as freelancing editor and cinematographer, Austin Hill is now pursuing a career in storyboarding and previsualization. He takes this opportunity to expand his abilities and methods of visual storytelling for multiple mediums, from traditional 2D animation, to 3D to VR. Austin wrote and directed “Street Ratz” which has been nominated in the category “Best Trailer” at the Assurdo Film Festival in Milan.

Molly Babington

Molly is a young animation director specializing in storyboarding and previz. Her interest is in immersive storytelling in both games and film production. Her director’s credits include the short films “Moon Rockz”, and “The Rats Catcher”. Molly also has credits in several short-animated films projects. She is an avid gameplayer and an expert in both 2D and 3D art, animation, modelling and rendering.

Stevie Stedman

Stevie Stedman is a young director specializing in storyboarding and previz. Stevie is the author and director of the short-animated film “Hats” and the producer of “Moon Rockz”. She has been involved in number of projects for film and TV as editor and story consultant. Stevie is interested in screenplay writing and directing for VR production.

Leroy T.P Dias

Leroy T.P. Dias is a young director specialised in feature film, TV and games. He is expert in writing, directing, storyboarding and previsualization for animation and life action.

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