The Europeanization of the Polish migration policy


In the article considered the Europeanization of the Polish domestic migration policy. Theoretical approaches, primarily intended to review the specific situation in the country studied. Much attention is paid to internal factors that contribute to understanding the impact of the EU on a researched country.

Overall, immigration policy is highly Europeanized in Poland and in this respect we can talk about the breadth of its transformation, whereas in the politics of immigration we can observe diversity in the extent of Europeanization. The sphere of beliefs, norms and attitudes and as well as the discourse itself seem to be under strong European influence. It can be argued, however, that the extent of Europeanization of these aspects of politics has not been tested in practice. Immigration to Poland is still relatively low and policy-makers perceive the problem of immigration as a future issue, in contrast to the EU-15 where immigration has been topical for some time. There is only minor interest in immigration matters in Poland among social and political actors and no crucial changes in the nature of a policy-making process have been observed in the field. However, different types of cooperation between the EU and its member states not members received relatively little attention in an attempt to explain the characteristic internal EU influence.

In our study, we pay more attention to practical aspects of Europeanization of migration policy in particular member states. As an example, we consider the impact of implementation of a common EU migration policy on national migration policy in Poland.

Keywords: migration policy, national migration policies, Poland, EU, Europeanization



Dr. Khrystyna Fogel, member and researcher of NGO AEI. Khrystyna has been granted an ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 scholarship through the BACKIS project financed by the European Commission. She has been working at University of Antwerp (Belgium) as a volunteer PhD student. Currently, her main research topic is problems of migration. Expert of Innovation policy project.

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