Creation of innovative ecosystems in industrial high-tech segments. Models and offers within the Industry 4.0

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Over the past 27 years, Ukrainian industrial hi-tech has significantly lost its potential and position. This tendency continues – the raw materials industry occupies an increasing share in Ukraine’s GDP. In the world, on the contrary, developed countries are increasingly investing in the industrial sector – the EU increases the share of industrial sectors from 15 to 25%, the US returns its producers from China, China itself has gone through the post-industrial phase. The key factor in the competitiveness of the world is everywhere high technology, which today is increasingly associated with Industry 4.0.

In this context, the role of Ukrainian universities and the National Academy of Sciences, as the only and still powerful source of specialists and talents, is growing significantly. At the same time, the situation in this area is very complicated. The general system remains unreformed, culture is post-soviet, market orientation is weak, the quantity (for the domestic market) is excessive. As a result, many points of contact with the market – the quality and number of young specialists, the contribution of the university to the market enlightenment, the results of R & D, etc. – there is a significant mismatch with expectations.

APPAU – as a business association, integrates in its structure 15 technical universities of the country and has its own view on how to improve this state and accelerate the change. In 2016-17, we also started systematic communication with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and believe that there is a large and unrealized potential.

This paper presents the main assessments of APPAU at the “points of contact”, presents the main initiatives since 2012, sets out our best experience of cooperation with higher educational institutions and proposals for cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science,

Thus, aggregate experience allows us to form another model of innovation development, based on the framework of APPAU “Strategy 4.0”. To make such a strategy work in the conditions of the Ukrainian market, there are 3 main strategic initiatives (changes) – Change of the culture of the university-NASU from 2.0 to 4.0, Real market trick and Launch of effective mechanisms of cooperation and cooperation (cooperation). As the main enablers of these changes are proposed a) Definition of target markets and segments, b) Client-centered key performance indicators (CRI), c) Optimization of the structure of the National Academy of Sciences.

In implementing these initiatives, APPAU offers to move away from centralized (detailed and linear) strategies and develop programs and projects in these areas. Based on its own experience, the document provides a list of mini-projects for 5 specific activities that can already be launched by joint efforts of government and non-governmental organizations.

These proposals should not be considered a proposal for “reform” of the University-National Academy of Sciences – this is nothing more than a view of the business association. It is not worth looking for deep analytics, research or systematic strategic developments.

At the same time, in many of the proposed areas of action, we have a successful experience and are already moving with individual representatives of higher educational institutions and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Consequently, common and more systematic actions can give even better effect.

The document is primarily intended for government officials from the Ministry of Education and Science and heads of universities. It is more specific to higher education institutions, as we have considerable experience in cooperating with them. At the same time, it will be useful for the managers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Oleksandr Yurchak

Oleksandr Yurchak,  general director of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine. Expert of  Innovation policy project.

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