Recommendations on approaches to the formation of national and regional innovation ecosystems, including taking into account the opportunities of the Eastern Partnership for cooperation in the field of innovation

Full text available in Ukrainian language.

Main sections of the document:

1. The concept of an innovative ecosystem.
2. The profile of an effective innovation ecosystem.
3. Profile of the innovation system of Ukraine.
4. Possibilities of using the mechanisms of the Eastern Partnership for cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of science and technology.
5. Innovative ecosystems of the European Union.
6. Experience in the formation and development of national and regional innovation ecosystems in Spain.
7. The Concept of the Ukrainian Framework Program for the Promotion of Innovations.
8. Conclusions and recommendations.


Yuriy Nikitin

Dr. Yuriy Nikitin, doctor of technical sciences, expert consultant in the field of evaluation and writing of projects for European funds, project management, innovation, technology transfer and commercialization, director of Uniway Consulting-Group Ltd. Leading expert of the Innovation policy project.

Maryna Melnyk

Maryna Melnyk, junior researcher of ISM NASU, project manager at Uniway Consulting-Group Ltd. Expert of Innovation policy project.

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